In the Absence of Light: A note and a back cover blurb

I want to warn my dear readers about the god and goddess names in “In The Absence of Light”. They are hard to pronounce, so it is easy enough to shorten the name to one letter and think of them as Lady Z or Lord Z. Remember, the names of the immortal gods and goddesses were not made for mere mortals to be able to easily pronounce. Also, this story will take a lot of editing to publish, so it might be a long time before this story is published.

I laugh at you pitiful humans who scurry about this Earth with out a purpose seeking only life, but finding only death. I welcome death. I know what is coming, and the Goddess of Darkness will welcome me into her kingdom when I die. For now, I serve her purpose. I fight wars in her name, and serve as her avatar when needed. When she first came to me, she burned the love out of my heart. Now I find only humor in silly human affections. Love. It’s such a short and despicable word.

Maybe I could just enjoy fighting until I died, if it wasn’t for the city. My city. My own corrupted city that cast me out for saving one of the city’s own. The city I spit upon for its treatment of the gods and goddesses chosen people. I swear that one day, I will come back. Something must be done, and maybe, just maybe, the Goddess of the Absence of Light might choose me as her instrument of salvation, or destruction.