Chapter Obssession

I’ve noticed a strange trend in modern culture, or at least in online reading culture. My book “Dishonor” is 71,000 words, and while that is not the size of a monster Fantasy book, it is a fairly decent sized story. It is about the size of many Young Adult Self Published novels out there, which is why I ended book one around this length. I also ready that having a sequel was the best way to get your name out there more, so I broke down “Dishonor” into two books.

“Dishonor” is only 14 chapters. I actually wrote it without chapters. I divided it up into chapters after I finished by what felt like the most logical sections.

My most common comment on “Dishonor” is: “Its really short at 14 chapters”. My reaction is huh?

What I want to know is why does fourteen chapters make a book short? Is there something out there that says, “Your book is under twenty chapters, therefore it is a novella.”

I broke the story up in a way that felt logical. Some of the chapters are almost 10,000 words long. Some are somewhere between 2,000 to 4,000 words long.

Maybe this comment was simply made because my story is a quick easy read. I have no idea.

What I really want to know is why are people so obsessed with chapter count when chapters are such and arbitrary thing?