The first thing I do every time I sit down at my computer is check Goodreads to see if I have any new reviews or ratings for Dishonor. Then I check Amazon. Then I check to see if I’ve sold any new copies.

When, on the off chance I see I’ve sold a single copy, my heart speeds up, sometimes I holler and clap with joy. One more person bought my book. The same thing happens when I get a review, or I see a post on Facebook about a friend liking my book.

I love hearing what people think about my book. I love hearing that people are reading it and enjoying it, because I like to share. Sharing my story with people, some whom I don’t even know, is an exhilarating and exciting feeling.

While my Goodreads give away was going on, I would check almost every hour to see how many more people were requesting my book.

I know, this is slightly pathetic. It is pathetic that I am checking on my book so much, but it is so exiting at the same time. Publishing a book is a dream come true. Its seeing my dreams read by other people. Its seeing my worlds become reality in the mind of others.

And I can’t wait to hear what more people think of my book. If I could afford it, I would buy free copies of my book for everyone, but I can’t. So instead I wait with bated breath. I wish I could contact the people that got my book. I wish I could make sure that they got it. That I could ask what they think of it. But I can’t. One of the rules about Goodreads giveaways is that you cannot contact the winners. You have to simply wait and hope that they post a review of your book.

I try to review every book I read because I know what a great feeling it is to get a review. I even like the critical reviews that are constructive. Those reviews help my writing. The reviews of people that like my book help my ego, and my motivation levels. In general, I just love hearing feedback, the good, the bad, and the mediocre.

Now, not that I want to push anyone to review… but go review an author’s book. Any author’s book. Make an author’s day.

P.S. You could always review my book…


Living Around the World

So I am an Army Brat, and I have visited, and lived in, a fair number of states. My stories are highly influenced by the places I have lived. Fantasia (working title of another dystopian future story) is set in the valley in Arizona I used to live in, in the far distant future. Dishonor is actually set in Virginia. Here is a map of where I have been.

Create Your Own Visited States Map