What better thing to call a new post, the first after a long series of unwritten ones, but scraps. Scraps are what we feed the dogs after we finish the meal. Scraps are what are scraped off the plate into the trash. The bits and pieces. Tidbits. I prefer to think of these scraps as tidbits. Juicy little morsels just waiting to be eaten,

So I feel bad for not writing on this blog as much as I think I should. I haven’t even updated the blog where I leave my book reviews recently. But, to bring some joy to people, I’m working on Honored again! I tried to take a break for Nanowrimo and work on a completely new story, but that actually made me realize how much I love the In Search of Honor World.

Which brings me to another point. I have a giveaway on goodreads for a free paperback copy of my book for anyone interested.

The last scrap of information I wanted to include in this post is that I am looking for Q&A questions for Dishonor. Some of my readers were asking me questions about the book, so I plan to write a Q&A article.

This all being said, I hope everyone has a lovely holiday season, whichever holiday you do, or do not, celebrate.

Have Fun!



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